Welcome to the northern New Hampshire amateur radio linking network.  The network consist mostly of AllStar connected simplex links to create one “super” channel. The idea behind the system is not to have one mountain top wide area repeater but several low power nodes that will provide town and beyond coverage.

You can  listen online   | there is a ~30 sec real time delay

For our digital repeaters (DMR – DSTAR – YSF), please check out the Digital page.

Please remember that it is good practice to pause between transmission a little bit longer than normal. In a connected system like ours it takes some time for all the nodes to key up and it opens the “door” for other operators to join in as well. 3 seconds would be a good start and for controlled nets closer to 5.
“If the pause feels uncomfortable long.. you’re doing it right!”

Please come on in and join us on the network anytime.
Don’t forget to check out the Latest News page for announcements.

The following is a list of locations and frequency details.
This list was last updated on Saturday, Feb 11 2023

Lancaster :

  • 444.850 Mhz Repeater, (+) offset, CTCSS tone 141.3
    Callsign KC1SR – AllStar 42090

Whitefield :

  • 449.825 Mhz Repeater, (-) offset, CTCSS 82.5
    Callsign N1PCE – AllStar 41305
  • 145.370 Mhz Repeater, (-) offset, CTCSS 114.8
    Callsign N1PCE  – EchoLink 707723 N1PCE-L

Bethlehem :

  • 442.950 Mhz Repeater, (+) offset, CTCSS 141.3
    Callsign N1PCE – AllStar 42198

Littleton :

  • 445.950 Mhz, CTCSS 91.5 (Simplex)
    Callsign N1PCE – AllStar 42152

Center Ossipee  (OFF):

  • 442.900 Repeater, (+) offset, CTCSS 123.0
    Callsign KC1DNA – AllStar 45246

Stratford : 

  • 443.950 Repeater, (+) offset, CTCSS 91.5
    Callsign KC1FZQ – AllStar 46333


Your town :

Interested in hosting a node? please contact us.

Active Link Status

Pierced van

Internet Access

If you already have an EchoLink setup, the network can be reached by,
EchoLink N1PCE-L. Please note that there is no standard EchoLink greeting.
Once you are connected, you are on the system.

(We can provide direct smartphone access to the network if requested)

To learn more about AllStar and EchoLink, please visit :

Thanks for visiting!

John N1PCE
Frister W1FVB

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