Digital Systems

The following digital repeaters are available:

Lancaster, NH

  • 444.400 Mhz (+) offset, Callsign W1FVB (Testing Stage)
  • Multimode repeater
  • DMR BrandMeister CC1. For more detail please visit 313328
  • Yaesu System Fusion

Cannon Mt, NH

Whitefield, NH

  • 442.300 Mhz (+) offset, Callsign N1PCE
  • MMDVM Repeater – Available Modes are:
    • DMR – BrandMeister CC1. For more details please visit 313326
    • DStar
    • YSF
  • All modes are active via PTT. This is an open system. Use each mode as needed. DMR is the primary mode. If no one locally is using DMR, you are welcome to use the other modes. Before using another mode… Listen! Listen! Listen!
  • DMR mode information:
    • TG 313326 is primary Local talkgroup.
    • TG 313326 is linked with the analog AllStar system. We are experimenting with this bridge.
    • TS2 Static TalkGroups are 313326, 313327 LARK and 3133 NH Statewide.
    • TS1 TalkGroups change from time to time. Refer to the BrandMeister page for this repeater @ 313326 to see what is currently set for “static”.
    • On Saturdays 1600UTC TG 91 (World Wide) will take over TS1 to participate in weekly World Wide Check-In Net.
    • Tuesday nights TG 3148 Texas will take over TS1 at 8:30pm Eastern/7:30pm Central for the Texas weekly net. This net is focused on helping people new to DMR. On Facebook search for “BrandMeister Talkgroup 3148”. Join this group. There is a lot of excellent information in the file section.
    • All available BrandMeister talkgroups can be accessed via PTT. We prefer not using TS2 to add a talkgroup on the fly. Please use TS1 for that.
    • If someone locally is using the repeater on TS1 or TS2, PLEASE do not take the TS away from them. We consider this NOT to be good Amateur Radio practice. Join their conversation.

The Baofeng DM-5R Plus and non Plus is not allowed on these systems. It transmits on both TS’s at the same time. If you do use one on the system, your access will be blocked. For about $20 more you can get the TYT/Tytera MD-380 and have what we believe to be an excellent HT for Amateur Radio use with many great features. The TYT MD-2017 is great dualband HT. Prices have come down a lot over the last year. The Radioddity GD-77 also work just fine. You can find it sometimes for less than $100 on

If you need assistance with setting up your code plug for the MD-380/390/2017, GD-77 or the CS800/801/800D to use on these systems, we would be glad to help you out. Just send us a message.






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