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Thursday, June 07 2018

We are now also streaming live audio

KC1SR node 42090 connection problems are fixed.
KD1W node 43112 is off the air until further notice.
KC1DNA node 45246 is off the air until further notice.
DMR bridge to AllStar is offline due to network problems.
Ustream audio feed is non working.

Monday, June 04 2018

KC1SR node 42090, repeater Lancaster is experiencing internet issues.
KC1FZQ node 42204 in Stratford, is gonna be converted to a repeater in the near future, stay tuned!

Sunday, May 13 2018

EchoLink W1FVB-L is now connected to our AllStar network.
N1PCE -L is offline due to internet connectivity issue.

Sunday, February 11 2018

We’ve bridged AllStar with DMR. BrandMeister Talk group 313326 is now linked with our AllStar Network.

Saturday, November 18 2017

We’ve been experimenting with different audio codes this week. This resulted is some strange audio artifacts a couple of times. Also , it seems like the Gremlins are back in the Littleton 42152 node. Part of the the problem is local HF knocking the node offline.

Wednesday, November 08 2017

Node 42152 Littleton is back on the air in good shape. New sofware installed on 42152 and on node 42090 Lancaster Repeater. Also added to the network is node 42204 in Stratford at the QTH of Wayne KC1FZQ

Sunday, October 01 2017

Node 43299 Whitefield 2 Meter repeater is temporary off the air

Thursday, September 14 2017

Woodstock node 42196 is now on faster cable internet

Sunday, August 27 2017

Woodstock node 42196 problems are resolved. Turned out to be a bad phone line

Monday, August 14 2017

We are having some connectivity problems with 42196 Woodstock and 42152 Littleton

Friday, July 07 2017

Hub 41866 has a Twitter bot and will tweet if there are any problems, check out

Woodstock node 42196 problems are resolved

Littleton node 42152 is still having connectivity issues

Tuesday, June 20 2017

We’re having some internet difficulties at the north Woodstock node 42196

Wednesday, June 07 2017

We’ve added an internet audio stream:

Live Audio Stream (30 Sec delay)

Saturday, June 03 2017

Node (hub) 41866 has been relocated to Lancaster, NH.

Node 45246 has been added to the Network. Thank you Shawn KC1DNA in Center Ossipee, NH

Node 42152 in Littleton, NH Node has some connectivity problems at times.

Tuesday, December 27 2016

Added DMR page to the navigation Menu (W1FVB)

Wednesday, November 9 2016 

A new repeater has been added to the AllStar network. Thank you Thaire W2APF and John N1PCE for all the work done. This repeater is great addition for the Conway Area. Details 442.5 Mhz Repeater, (+) offset, CTCSS 123 Callsign W2APF – AllStar 43944

Monday, October 31 2016

John N1PCE has been working with Thaire W2APF to get an AllStar repeater working in Eaton, NH. This repeater is expected to have good coverage in the Conway Area (Mt Washington Valley) . We’re hoping to have it on the air sometime next week. Stay Tuned

Monday, September 12 2016

Node 41866 Whitefield is reconfigured as a radioless backup hub.

Saturday, August 20 2016

Node 42204  Bethlehem has been removed because node 42198 (Agassiz rpt) covers the same area. Node 42204 will probably be relocated to a new home somewhere.

Tuesday, July 26 2016

The Mt. Agassiz UHF repeater is a reality! 442.950 Mhz (+) offset CTCSS 141.3
Node 42198

Monday, July 04 2016

Bethlehem nodes (41882 & 42198) are back online

Thursday, June 30 2016:

Bethlehem nodes (41882 & 42198) are offline.

Wednesday, June 29 2016:

We’ve added “The Rain Report” to the audio news line up. Weekly Wednesday at 7 PM

Tuesday, June 21 2016:

Whitefield 2 repeater is back on the air in testing phase after John re-tuned the duplexer. Currently using Node number 43299. EchoLink node 707723 N1PCE-R remains offline for now. The only current EchoLink connection is 285950 N1PCE-L.

Thursday, June 16 2016:

Node 42204 in Bethlehem is back on the air.

Wednesday, June 15 2016:

Whitefield 2 repeater is off the air and node 42204 Bethlehem is off as well due to antenna work being done.

Saturday, June 11 2016:

John N1PCE put both Bethlehem nodes (41882 & 42198) back online after a software update. The antenna on the UHF 41882 node got raised a little higher as well. It should provide reasonable coverage in downtown Bethlehem.

Saturday, June 4 2016:

North Woodstock Node (42196) is offline until further notice.


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